Elko Broadcasting Wants You!

If you have a desire to work in radio, drop your resume in the mail to EIko
Broadcasting Company 1800 Idaho Street, EIko, NV 89801. Job openings
become available at various times, so we make it a point to always accept
resumes and applications. Job openings can exist in the following areas:

Sales - We employ a team of Marketing Professionals who assist local
businesses with advertising. Radio advertising is an important ingredient in
any businesses overall marketing plan. Each new Marketing Professional will
go through a training program, and gain sales knowledge as well as broadcast
product knowledge. This position does not require sales experience, but it is

Programming - The voices you hear on the radio each day are members of the
EIko Broadcasting Company Programming Department. We are committed to
live programming, and we are always looking for talented programming
professionals to join our team, or intern in a training program, so when job
openings occur, they are ready to step up to the plate and join the staff. If
you think you have the talent to be an EIko Broadcasting Company announcer,
apply today.

News - If you're interested in a career in journalism, especially broadcast
news, you should be skilled in writing and communications. Today's news
broadcaster must be energetic, resourceful and dedicated to adapt to a
changing world of technology. Providing local news and information is an
important feature of local programming in any size market. From reporting
breaking news on the scene to reading between the budget lines,
newsgathering is exciting and challenging. EIko Broadcasting Company
encourages future broadcasters pursuing news to meet with our team to talk
about education and opportunities in EIko and beyond.

Sports - EIko Broadcasting Company is dedicated to bringing you the best in
local sports programming. We feature play-by-play action of EIko High
School athletics, a weekly sports show highlighting local sporting events and
daily sports broadcasts. Elko Broadcasting also features regional and
national sporting events. If you think Sports Broadcasting is your passion,
apply today.

Administrative - EIko Broadcasting Company also employs a staff of
administrative professionals whose primary responsibilities are in the office
arena. This can include computer data entry, switchboard/and book-keeping.
This area of our business does not have openings on a regular basis, but as
with all of our staff positions, we always accept applications, and keep them
on file.

If you think any of these professions might interest you, and you enjoy
working in a fast paced environment, send your resume to the Human
Resource Department at Elko Broadcasting Company, 1800 Idaho Street,
Elko, NV 89801. Elko Broadcasting Company is an equal opportunity